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Terms & Conditions of Service

For a copy of our full Terms & Conditions of Service, please contact our office.


  1. POLISHCLEANERS reserves the right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without notice.
  2. By ordering POLISHCLEANERS service via telephone, e-mail or website the client is agreeing to be bound by POLISHCLEANERS Terms and Conditions of Service.
  3. All fragile and breakable items must be secured or removed. We carry no responsibility for exceptional items and/or works of art if we are not informed of their value in advance.
  4. Whilst every effort is made to prevent damage, POLISHCLEANERS cannot accept responsibility for shrinkage to carpets that are poorly fitted neither will the company accept responsibility for damage to upholstery that the cleaning instructions are not visible. Also when no mention is made of a recurring problem.
  5. POLISHCLEANERS will not be responsible for failing to remove old permanent stains that cannot be removed using normal carpet cleaning methods. We undertake, however, to draw your attention to any such stains prior to commencing work. Any existing damage will be reported prior to commencing work.
  6. The premises have to be tidy so we can concentrate on cleaning efficiently. We will start with the essential basics and finish at the designated time unless otherwise instructed.
  7. Digital photos will be taken at the beginning and at the end of the work carried out and a supervisor will assess progress and result. If needed a report can be compiled for a small fee.
  8. The Client must allow POLISHCLEANERS access to hot water and power.
  9. All staff is trained in colour-coded cleaning and in line with health and safety regulations.
  10. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm and Saturday 8am – 12noon.


  12. POLISHCLEANERS service is insured by full public and employer's liability cover. The cleaners have full public liability insurance.

  13. Claims

  14. Any complaints must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of the work being carried out. No claims will be entertained after the above time limit. If the Client is dissatisfied with the work, a cleaner must be allowed to return and re-do the job at no extra charge.

  15. Equipment

  16. POLISHCLEANERS will provide all cleaning material and equipment but there may be a surcharge in the event of a need for specialized equipment. In that case we will quote separately.

  17. Cancellation - All Services

  18. We require 48 hours notice for any changes and cancellations. A fee will apply on late cancellations or changes on the terms agreed. The same will apply if we cannot gain access to your premises on the allocated day and time (30 minutes allowed).
  19. The Client may cancel/re-schedule a service by giving at least 24 hours notice. If POLISHCLEANERS are not notified on time, no refund will be offered on any deposit paid in advance. POLISHCLEANERS reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the quoted price for the booked service.

  20. Payment

  21. A minimum deposit of 50% of the quoted price may be payable at the time of booking. In the event of such deposit having been paid, the remaining balance should be paid upon completion of the specified work.
  22. Late payments will be charged at 2% above the basic bank rate


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